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TL3 Communications has been an authority in computers since the early 1980's and a veteran of the Internet since the late 1990's. With extensive experience, in both the hardware and software side of the Internet, TL3 Communications is uniquely qualified to help with most computer and Internet related projects.

Specializing in web development, TL3 Communications can provide both front-end (user facing) and back-end (server side) programming for your project. Together, with professional web designers, TL3 Communications can provide you with what you need to bring your web application or fully modern website to reality.

Experience with languages such as (but not limited to) HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and much more, there is almost nothing TL3 Communications can't handle.

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Too many times, the management of domain names has been handled in ways that appear as if it's like solving the national debt. If a domain is managed correctly & responsibly, changes can be made seamless and without any problem. In effort to avoid poor domain management, TL3 Communication was created to provide domain hosting for those users that don't have the time nor experience.

TL3 Communications is a TOTAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDER. This means we can handle every aspect of your domain from your web site and mail, to the hosting of your file transfer space and name service.

Consulting Services


Domain Consulting is a service to help you get the most from your domain. TL3 Communications can help get it hosted & managed with the least amount of hassle. TL3 Communications can help you manage how your email addresses can be distributed. TL3 Communications can even help you find a stable & reliable place to host your web site or domain email.


Web Development Consulting is a service to help you plan out how your idea will go from paper to the web. With over a decade of web programming, Internet services & technical networking background, TL3 Communications is bound to find a solution to meet the needs of your project.


Computer Consulting is a service to trouble shoot hardware & software issues you have with your workstation or personal computer. With over two decades of experience with computers, there is little that TL3 Communications can not help you with.


Web Management Consulting is simply a webmaster service. TL3 Communications can be the one you need to keep your site up-to-date and make the minor modifications you need. TL3 Communications can be on-call for you in the event something catastrophic happens, TL3 Communications can be there to get the issue handled ASAP.

Internet Hosting


Nowadays, to succeed in business you need to make your business available to everyone, everywhere. You need to have a place where you customers can go to order your product. With an online store, you can make your product available to local customers, out-of-state customers, even international customers. Pay annually and get 12 months of service for the price of 10 months!

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) can be setup no extra cost to secure your transactions, but a SSL Certificate must be purchased. As part of the service, we can personally guide you thru the process of getting a SSL Certificate.

Web Programming Services


Web Programming & Development is a service that brings your web idea to a reality. Ranging from simple HTML-to-PHP conversions to dynamic web sites built off a database, complete with custom admin interface. Able to develop for both desktop & mobile, TL3 Communications is your best choice for getting your web project off the ground & out to the public.


Selling your items online doesn't have to be as complicated as it may seem. We will help get your site up, products into the database, site design/template applied, get you setup with payment processing & the SSL security needed to do it.